Fertilized Lawn & Pasture in Mid-February

Equipment Yard


ACES says here for a low-maintenance lawn apply ½ lb. nitrogen per 1,000 SF three times per year. So to get 0.5 lb nitrogen with 15-0-15 would require spreading per 1,000 SF 0.5/0.15 = 3.33 lbs/1,000 SF of 15-0-15. The 15-0-15 contains 2% iron. So, that rate over the actual area is 3.33×53= 176 lbs to spread.

At 3 MPH with the gate set on 2, it spreads 88 lbs/ac = 2 lbs/ksf. With the gate set on 3, it spreads 206 lbs/ac = 4.7 lbs/ksf.

Tested Fergie’s run time in the Pecan Orchard between 5 trees (200) feet. Running in 1H gear at 2100 RPM she covered the 200 ft in about 34 seconds which is 3 MPH. That is a good speed for the yard and small pasture.


Set the gate at 2.5 and spread in 1H at 2100 RPM. Loaded 2.5 bags (125 lbs) and it covered the whole yard from the grain bin and azalea row to the road fence to the big azalea and blueberry bushes.

Spread the remaining 25 lbs with the new cyclone seeder set at 4:

  • on the kitchen yard;
  • around and under the old oak tree;
  • the small yard between the greenhouse and driveway;
  • and aiming into the old azalea row into it.

The spreader setting at 2.5 running in 1H at 2100 RPMS was good.

Did not mix in Extinguish as plan to spread it via the cyclone seeder to be more accurate.


Using the same settings and speed spread 150 lbs. of 13-13-13 on the pasture. Went over it twice in both directions.

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