Drenched Fruit Trees with Imidacloprid

Fruit & Nuts Yard

4/25/2021 – Drenched Fruit Trees with Imidacloprid to hopefully prevent leaf miners. Mixed 4 oz. per gallon and poured around each smaller tree about 3 qts. and the larger one about 5 qts.

The trees in the yard’s Fruit Tree Grove and the Satsuma in the orchard are listed below.

  • Blood Orange
  • Meyer Lemons
  • Peach trees
  • Peartree

Did not spray that large old Sand Pear tree in the orchard. It has not had issues. Last month it was covered in blooms and is now loaded down with small (1/2-3/4 in.) red pears. This is the second year since we cleaned out a lot of limbs and have been fertilizing it lightly when the satsuma next to it was fed.

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