Sowed Zucchini & Brocolli


9/11/2021 – Sowed 24 feet of Zucchini in the westmost row where Clemson Spineless Okra was pulled out 2 days ago. Sowed 3 seeds about 15 inches apart.

Sowed 21 feet of Brocolli in the row just west of the fall Celebrity tomatoes. Sowed two seeds about 18 inches apart, ¼ inch deep. The seeds had been soaked in warm water in a glass clear bowl on the window sill over the sink in the warmth of the sun coming through the sun-screen shade.

The soil temperature in the mid-afternoon is near the max for their germination. The Brocolli was sowed in the end of the row that goes first into the shade of the pecan trees.

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