Sowed Row of Bloomers


5/14/2023 – As the hill/row immediately east of the PEPH peas in the south half is still empty and we have a lot of zinnia, marigold, and sunflower seeds that are 2021-2023 that are not growing in the packets, they were scattered in the wide hill that was loosen with the stirrup hoe, then raked and rolled in; then lightly watered. The seeds sowed south to north are as listed below.

  1. Zinnia – Dahlia Flower Cherry Queen from Outside Pride – Dark Red*
  2. Marigold Sparky Mix from HOSS
  3. Benary Giant Scarlet Zinnia from HOSS
  4. Autumn Beauty Sunflower Mix from HOSS
  5. Dahlia Variable Dandy from Outside Pride
  6. Zinnia Elegant Dahlia Flowered Canary Bird from Outside Pride*

The hill was pulled up after spreading 13-13-13 for squash or cucumbers but what we have coming up well will be plenty.

*. As of 7/27/2023 – Performed well with many attractive blooms.

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