Replaced tomatoes we grew from seeds


On January 29 we planted Mortgage Lifter Improved (MLI) seeds inside and they came up. In February we moved them to a larger pot. In March they spent most of the month outside to harden as it was a warm month. In April we planted them in the garden.

The first week of May came and three have died and the others are only a little bigger than when they were transplanted to larger pots in February.

Ted came by to move the cows and when he heard we were giving up on the MLI’s he said we should feed them a cup of Miracle Grow and see what they do. So, we kept the three healthiest.

We went back to Lowe’s and bought Better Boys, pulled out the smallest MLI’s and planted the six new indeterminates. Before planting them we dug out a large hole and added a double hand full of Black Kow composted manure. We also went to each of the others (remaining MLI’s and the Best Boys planted a few days ago) pulled back the hay, dug out a trench around the plant and dribbled in a scant double hand full of Black Kow.

We fixed the two watering cans with a Miracle Grow+Fish Emulsion solution and poured it on the tomatoes and peppers in both rows.

Before sundown, I watered all the seeds planted yesterday, the squash, the peppers, the cantaloupes, and wetted the tomato and peppers.

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