Slow Release Fertilizer on the Flower Beds


3/29/2022 – Spread Greenpoint PRO 13-6-6 / 58% Slow Release Premium Fertilizer with Agrocote on the beds. It includes: magnesium 3%, sulfur 9%, boron 0.12%, zinc 0.06%, and, iron 5%.

From Garden.orgLandscape plants. If your plants are closely grouped and the roots overlap, scatter 10 to 15 pounds of a three- to four-month 14-14-14 controlled-release fertilizer over 1,000 square feet. The best time is late winter or early spring. Repeat again in late fall. If applied only once a year, spread 17 to 22 pounds of 18-6-12 over the same area.

As the nitrogen in the GreenPoint is essentially the same as in the example we will apply it at the recommended rate. Therefore, 1-1.5 lbs (1-1.5 pts.) per 100 SF equates to areas: 10×10 or 5×20 or 4×25 size areas in feet.

Computed the area of the circular Lady Daylily bed at 75 SF. Spread a little more than a quart evenly over the area. Repeated that density of granules on all the beds in the yard not including the azaleas, blueberries, and camellias. Did include the daylily bed around the Martin house pole and the new daylily bed at the south end of Mary’s little vegetable garden bed.

This was done anticipating the 1″ rain predicted for tomorrow night.

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