Sidedressed then Cultivated Garden with Fergie & new Wheel Hoe


5/16/2024 – As we had a 7″ rain day a few days ago and surely a lot of the fertilizer washed away, I side-dressed everything with 33-0-0 other than tomatoes, peas, and beans. The tomatoes are growing great so the plan is to side dress again when the first ones are ripe.

Then plowed all rows other than tomatoes with Fergie.

Then used the new HOSS wheel hoe that arrived today to clean up next to corn, cukes, and squash to kill weeds, loosen rain-packed soil, and blend in the side dressing.

Rain is predicted for tonight and tomorrow so some of the weeds will survive. But, the packed soil is now loose and will be easier to cultivate next week.

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