Sowed Corn, Beans, Peas, Cucumbers, Squash, and Cantaloupes


3/24/2020 – We sowed:

  1. Silver Queen corn in the rows 7 to 11 in the north half with the Chapin Seeder and large bean plate???? with every other seed pocket taped over;
  2. Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans in the 6th row of the south half with the Chapin Seeder and large bean plate;
  3. Zipper Peas, from Hurley Farm & Feed that were treated, in the 7th and 8th row of the south half with the Chapin Seeder and large bean plate???????????????????????;
  4. Gold Star Yellow Squash, Golden Bush Scallop Summer Squash, and Dunja Zucchini in wide row 12 in the north half sowed by Mary by hand;
  5. Hale’s Best 45 Cantaloupe (last year’s seeds) and Poinsett 76 Cucumbers in the wide row 12 in the south half sowed by Mary by hand then lightly covered with a garden rake; then the cucumber seeds were rolled over with the wide back wheel of the Chapin seeder. She patted down all other seeds.

Notes we used from various guidance:

  • Hales Best 45 Cantaloupes – After thinning, 2 to 3 plants per hill in hills spaced 4 to 6 feet apart.
  • Poinsett 76 Cucumber – Per SESE Sow seeds 1/2 to 3/4 in. deep. Final spacing should be 6-12 in. apart in rows 3-5 ft. apart.
  • Gold Star (F1) Yellow Summer Squash – Space plants 18-24″ apart in rows 6′ apart.
  • Golden Bush Scallop Summer Squash – Sow seeds 1/2 to 1 in. deep. Bush varieties should be spaced 18-30 in. apart in rows 4 ft. apart, or 6-8 seeds per hill, in hills 4 ft. apart.
  • Dunja Organic (F1) Zucchini Squash Seed – Space plants 18-24″ apart in rows 6′ apart.
Most in the row in 7&8. All others over the hill.


  1. the corn with the same formula used for the G90 corn, other than the caveat in the last paragraph below;
  2. the KW Bush beans and Zipper peas the same as we did the first four rows;
  3. the squash, cantaloupes, and cucumbers with 15-0-15.

Next morning, 3/25/2020 – Thoroughly watered the fertilizer and seeds the next morning until the nitrogen was only a little evident in the corn and squash-cantaloupe-cucumber row. Recent thorough watering of the Yard Garden lead to damp soil 6+ inches down. Hopefully, that is what happened here plus washing the nitrogen down past the seeds.

In this case, the fertilizer was spread on top of the row after the seeds were in place. That was because I forgot to spread it before hilling.

The 2-1/2 gallons of 15-0-15 + Zinc Sulphate was to be spread at 2 pts per row but I had some leftover. Threw it on the squash-cantaloupe-cucumber row. Will need to side-dress them early.

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