Fingerlings, Seeds, Seedlings, & Lemon Tree Purchased at G&D


3/17 & 18/2023 – Picked up two more grass carp from Alabama Fish And Pond at G&D to replace the one lost in the little pond. Dale said since it appeared to be pecked behind the head Blue Heron is likely the cause. We have seen a Blue on the edge of the pond.

While I stood in the line Mary picked out an Improved Myer Lemon tree and 6 Celebrity tomato plants. When we started home, she mentioned that the tomatoes were only $2 each and they had peppers. Only about half of our peppers from seeds in the greenhouse have germinated so getting some larger plants would be good. So, went back the next morning. The total purchased, not including the two large grass carps, was as follows.

  • Improved Myers Lemon tree – 3 gallon
  • Celebrity tomatoes – 8 ea.
  • Red Grape tomato
  • Golden California Wonder Sweet Pepper plants – 2 ea.
  • Califonia Wonder Bell Pepper seeds
  • Butternut Squash seeds
  • Shallots – 1/2 lb. was 16 bulbs

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