Fertilized Grass & Included Extinguish


9/17/2021 – Applied a final feeding of the grass of 15-0-15 plus Iron mixed with Extinguish to kill the ants. The first half of September has been a very wet month with 13″ of rain from Hurricane Ida and 5″ from TD Nicholas. This feeding is at the normal time but is even more important given that the rain has surely depleted the nitrogen and potassium in the soil. The following contains info from the Post on 6/10/2021.

Very rough area values are:

  • Overall 70,000 SF
  • Say house, driveway, patios, and grain bin cover about 10,000 SF
  • Area to fertilize is 70,000 – 10,000 = 60,000 = 1.4 ac

The Plan

  • Apply 15-0-15. ACES says here for a low maintenance lawn apply 1/2 lb. nitrogen per 1,000 SF three times per year. So to get 0.5 lb nitrogen with 15-0-15 would require spreading, per 1,000 sf, 0.5/0.15 = 3.33 lbs/1,000 SF of 15-0-15.
  • BUT, our mid-summer feeding with all the rain caused the grass to grow too fast and had to be cut every 5-6 days.
  • Given this is the fall feeding, and spreading the Extinguish is a primary issue, and not wanting to have to cut the grass so often the plan is to spread half as much by setting the spreader on 2 instead of 3 when running Fergie in gear 1H at 540 RPM. Plan is to spread 1.65 lbs/1000 SF or 60×1.65 = 100 lbs.
  • Extinguish is to be spread at 1.5 lbs per acre. The 1.4 acres includes the Citrus Groove where the Extinguish is not to be spread. Despite that spread 1.5×1.4=2.1 lbs of extinguish to be mixed in the 100 lbs of 15-0-15 and spread using the route below.
Planned Route for September with new Spreader with 39 ft. spreading width.
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