Spread Lime Pellets & Potash on the Garden


1/4/2024 – Applied ten 40-lb. bags of Austinville Pelletized Dolomitic LawnLime:

From their Product Analysis sheet – “This product requires 1844 lbs. to equal one ton of standard liming material (with CCE of 90%).”

For our 0.2 acre garden (not including turn rows) with the soil report recommending one ton of standard lime per acre, we need to apply 0.2 x 1844 = 368 lbs = 9.22 40# bags.

The Plan for lime based on our spreader’s performance here:

  • Run in 4M that travels at 2.23 MPH which is almost half of the application for the course-grain 5 MPH line. Therefore, at half speed should spread twice the amount or 992#/ac at position 5. [The 5 MPH speed is for 2H not 1H as 1H is 3.7 MPH. All calculations and assumptions here are likely wrong]
  • 1844 lbs./ac is close to twice 992 lbs./ac. So set at position 5 and go over the 0.2 ac twice.
  • We need to apply 0.2 x 1844 = 368 lbs so buy 9.22 (say 10) 40# bags.

The plan for the potash was:

  • Soil lab recommended 120 lbs/ac which would be 0.2×120=24 lbs of pure potash.
  • Of 0-0-60 need to spread 24/0.6=40 lbs.
  • Buy 50 lbs and spread it with spreader on 2 and went north-south then diagonally.


The lime spreader rate was close enough based on cross spreading plus finishing off what was left by going diagonally.

The potash application also seemed to be ok…or close enough.

A 1.44″ rain on 1/5/24 caused all the pellets to disappear; i.e. melt into the soil. The pink potash pellets were also not visible.

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