More Tomatoes & Peppers, Sprayed Sevin & Mulched


In the garden, we planted six sweet peppers (row 6 south end) and six more tomatoes (row 15 north end). Mulched heavy with old hay from the bale feeding areas. All tomatoes and peppers now have the hay mulch.

In the herb bed, we planted a Husky Cherry Tomato and a Black Cherry Tomato plant. Both were in 3″ pots and planted with Black Kow composted manure and cottonseed meal well mixed into the soil before planting.

While there I drizzled in Black Kow around the basil and thyme plants.

Sprayed Sevin concentrate on the:

  • Peas
  • Squash
  • Okra

This was the first time to use the Sevin concentrate at 4 oz./gallon.

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