Working Weekend: 11-13-2013

Maintenance Other

DSC_0012Took off Wednesday the 13th through Friday. Cold Wednesday and Thursday with fire in fire place. Then turning warm, drizzle/rain on Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning.

Had a few seedlings and very few stewart pecans.

  1. replaced spigot to fields at pump that had just started spraying. Over tightened the new spigot and cracked the T. Drained line, blew out crack to dry; put PVC glue in the crack and removed the spigot so crack closed up; added radiator clamp and let cure for an hour; reinstalled spigot with treflon tape and and little FromaGasket. No leaks. LUCKY so far.
  2. reset washing machine and found “leak” was from the drain of the former utility tub when the drain line backed up. Third run with the snake cleared it.
  3. Removed bathroom exhaust fans. Cleaning the one in the hall bath fixed it and cleaning and lubing the utility bath helped it.
  4. fertilized the new azaleas in blueberry row;
  5. Cut down dead tallow trees beyond the barn with the Husq chain saw. Started new pile back there to burn. We can now see unobstructed to the newly planted grass.
  6. Pressure washed both tractors after spraying with degreaser. Degreaser helped with crud is so hard on Ford a lot did not come off. Need to soak with Tide like Paul said he used on the big rigs.
  7. Found that the new battery in the Ford tractor had been stolen.
  8. Began using a high-strength Master Lock on the grain bin. Measured the bin: 18′ diameter and 13’6″ to eave inside.

DSC_0037 DSC_0029 DSC_0019 DSC_0009 DSC_0047

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