Work Week, March 15, 2016


Wednesday, March 16, 2016 – Planted the Iron Plants (Aspidistra) around Pecan at the fence next to the driveway. Cleaned up and picked up but took it easy. Played with Piper while looking for snakes.

Thursday – Started two 4 lbs pork butts on the smoker with pecan wood. Planned to remove rotten plywood from the barn but found intermediate poles are loose from rafters as corner poles have sunk.  Weeded front beds and pulled weeds from Crepe Myrtles.

Friday – Truck right front still has rubbing sound and now rattling. Took it to Ricky’s. He replaced the front right hub with a Moog and found the brake pads near the end and replaced them. All for $495.  Planted GK’s roses in a row of four where the picket fence will be and two climbing ones on the inside of the gate angled fence panels. A thunderstorm blew in about 2 PM.

Saturday – Went to plant sale by Mobile Botanical Gardens with Peggy. We bought six daylilies, thyme, and oregano. Peggy bought three daylilies and a willow tree to plant on her side of the fence near the pond. After returning home we:

  1. planted the daylilies;
  2. re-graded the rain slash stones on the west side of the front porch;
  3. took four of the dogwood trees Frank had gotten on Arbor Dy and replanted in pots. Planted them around the two large pecans west of the driveway;
  4. Cranked Fergie and rode around with Piper. Installed battery in Ford but it was dead.
  5. Weedeated fence along the road and the ditch back slope. Sprayed the many new thistle plants with Erasure.

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