Broadcast Rye and Clover for Grazing

Pastures Pond

12/24/2019 – Broadcast Elbon Rye and Crimson Clover on old garden, pond field, and burn pile field before the rain that is to start tomorrow–and did. On the 25th it rained all day for a total of 2.92″.

  • Broadcast Elbon small grain cereal rye and crimson clover based on here that recommended:
    • Elbon Rye mixed with Crimson Clover at 60-90 lbs per acre. We broadcast planted at 50 lbs per ac.
    • Crimson Clover – plant by broadcast 20–25 lbs/acre. We spread 25 lbs over about 1.5 ac.
  • Areas:
    • Old Garden – 1.1 acres
    • Pond field – 0.8 acres total south of the inner pond. 0.5 ac was spread with rye and clover. We did not spread any near the location of the future pond that Mary still wants to be built by Thanksgiving.
    • Burn Pile Field – 0.5 acre – south of old wood fence but not where the weeds grew.
    • Total = 2.4 acres
  • Actual application quantities:
    • Elbon cereal Rye – 150 lbs over 2.4 acres is 62 lb per acre
    • Crimson Clover – 25 lbs over 1.6 ac is 15 lb per acre

JD Spreader Setting

The Plan – Given 75 lb/ac Rye + 25 lb/ac Clover = 100 lb/ac >> 100/43.560 = 2.3 lbs/1000 SF. Therefore, the setting would be 1.5 for a single pass process.

The application went ok other than some clogging of the drop slot likely by the larger rye grains. It seemed like we had less clogging when we were spreading with the setting at 2 rather than 1.5. Need to improve the drop slot whipper so it spins nearer the slot.

Purchased from Hurley Farm and Feed 10/21 & 24/2019:

  • 150 lbs Elbon Rye;
  • 25 pounds Crimson Clover;

10/31/2019 – The Rye is up and 2-3″ tall…in only 5 days!!!

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