Widened Martin House Daylily Bed

Miss Mary Mary

6/6/2020 – Miss Mary Mary and Prestor John daylily fans I ordered (2 each) arrived and we needed a place to plant them. The Bonus fan was another Pardon Me.

Widened the Martin House bed on the south and east sides about 18″; i.e. the width of the tiller.

The Miss Mary Mary’s are on the east side and the Prestor John’s are ____________. The Pardon Me bonus fan is in the center on the east side.

Mary also planted a seedling and a proliferation that was well developed. Cut the proliferation from the momma minutes before planting it. We’ll see if it will live. Momma was the second daylily clump from the Knock Out roses on the west side of the front porch. Those clumps are the same.

Prestor John

The proliferation is just east of the Pardon Me.

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