Trimmed the Azaleas & Camellia


4/22/2021 – Yesterday we pruned the row of azaleas between the backyard and the barnyard. Today, pruned the camellia and azalea outside the dressing and bedroom room window and the one south of the blueberries. The limbs, piled high, filled the truck and were hauled to the burn pile.

We trimmed them a bit lower than last year and hopefully early enough to not negate the blooms next spring. Mary held the yard broom handle as a guide and the height was gauged based on a point roughly 42 inches from the end of the handle.

Mary had the best idea of the day and that was to put a tarp in the bed and use it to slide the limbs out. That worked great.

The next day, fertilized them with 8-8-8.

4/25/2021 – The azalea south of the blueberries has a lot of blackberry vines and some blackberries. Once it was shaped the vines were easy to find. Today wiped the leaves and some vines with Glyphosate.

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