Treated Firewood Shed for Termites


4/19/2021 – Because termites were a problem with the firewood last year we treated the dirt before placing the pecan firewood from the recent tree removals. Poured a 2% solution of Bifintren-IT 7.9% between the log supports after digging out the leaves and debris to create trenches. Poured a total of 12 gallons mixed in the watering can and poured between the support logs and in about a 3″ deep trench on both sides of each future stack along the support timbers.

The target application rate per the label was 4 gallons per 10 SF. The trenches are about 12″ apart and total the length of the shed three times for the westmost (rear) stack and five times for the stacks that will be in the north half and to the east side of the roof.

The south side east of the rear stack currently has the leftover lumber from the rail fence construction. That area will have to be treated once that treated lumber is gone.

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