Tomato Blossom End Rot and Lime Water plus Serranos


Found the 2nd and 3rd tomatoes to ripen also had blossom end rot as did the first one several days ago. The other green ones do not but to hopefully prevent more I watered all of them with lime dissolved in water.

Using a hand trowel put a half scoop of No. 6 lime into the 2-gallon watering can and filled it with water forcefully to mix. Put about 1/2 gallon on each plant.

The serrano peppers there are now flowering. I poured a little of the lime water on each one of them. Surprising they are blooming prolifically since the second spraying of Epsom Salts.

Yesterday afternoon all the tomatoes had the dry leaf curl look. Flooded the row next to them to deep water. Hopefully, the half gallon of water with the lime will not over water them. This morning there was no leaf curl but it was also in the 70’s and cool.

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