Thanksgiving 2017

Maintenance Other

This was a good trip getting a lot done without killing ourselves. The new siding was completed and the fireplace serviced as well as the heater. Someone had stolen Fergies battery and the cable from both tractors. Went to Becky’s for Thanksgiving meal with family.

Tuesday, 11/21/2017 – Arrived mid-afternoon. Walked new fence and let Lady go. She spent the rest of the day hunting in the barn and wood pile.


  1. ABC Chimney Sweeps repaired and improved the fireplace and Chimney. See separate post.
  2. Inspected siding work with Timothy Turner TNT construction. He made repairs and will return Friday.
  3. Estes Heating & AC did their fall checkup of the heater. Found a lot of trash from the roof replacement and said the heater is fine.
  4. We weeded the beds near the house and edged the walkway and driveway.

Thursday – Went to Becky’s for the family meal. Stopped for first time at Meaher State Park.


  1. TNT completed punch list work on the gables and eves.
  2. Using the new-to-me Troy-Bult cultivator-Tiller we tilled and weeded the new bed along the fence at the road.
  3. Used the line trimmer to clean out the remaining driveway cracks and filled them with the latex crack filler bought at HomeDepot.
  4. Using the line trimmer cut the weeds along the road fence and ditch embankment.
  5. Discovered the battery in Fergie has been stolen along with battery cables plus the battery cables from the Ford.

    Lady enjoying the new fence
  6. Beautiful afternoon. Watched a kettle of hawks high up drift past.


  1. Shopping trip to HomeDepot for more pipe insulation, driveway crack filler, fire ant killer, bleach. Bought a new 600 CCA battery at the Battery Discount store on Schillenger for Fergie. Looked for cables at Advance Auto Parts and parts houses. Need to order the large ones for the Ford and a red one for Fergie.
  2. Spread American Meadows Inc. “Fall Maximum Mix” wildflower mixture in the new bed between the crepes along the road. Took a soil sample from 5 locations to have tested.

Sunday – Stayed an extra day

  1. Spread 5 pounds of inoculated crimson clover bought at Grand Bay Feed Store on the ditch embankment.
  2. Hauled limbs to the pile.
  3. Finished sealing cracks in driveway…even though it will never be really finished
  4. Sprayed Eraser on the new fence at the orchard
  5. Repaired the pipe insulation on the 3/4″ pipe feed from the pump
  6. Agreed on citrus grove to be Meyer Lemons along driveway and satsumas and maybe one blood orange in garden as in old barn area the clay from burying it is too hard.
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