Thanksgiving 2015


Beautiful sunny fall days in the low 70s and nights in the mid 50’s. Got a lot done with inside planning, i.e. the “blue tape” weekend. Also killed tallow trees in three sessions in the fence row through the pond and twice in Mary’s Springs and the creek field.Housestead from east

Wednesday, 11/25/2015 – Minor yard work.DSC_0231

Thursday – Went to Thanksgiving celebration at Mandy’s.

  • Weeded rose beds and herb bed at back door. Sprayed Erasure in bed area along new fence at the road. Picked up and hauled away limbs. Laid out interior with blue tape.


  • Sprayed Remedy on tallow and yaupon still living in fence row running diagonally north between pasture and row crop fields.
  • Cut and treated all the Kudzu we could find in Mary’s Springs with a 1:1 solution of Erasure with a squirt of Dawn as the surfactant. That ratio provided for 20% Glyphosphate solution.  I clipped the vines with the ratchet lopers and for those to large for the loppers I chopped into, and in some cases through them with the machete. Mary sprayed the cut ends or chops.
  • Filled tractors with diesel treated with Biocide for algae prevention.


  • Decided to work through Sunday.  Took care of odd jobs around the barn and house like killing ants.
  • Filled fuel tanks to full on both tractors. Additives used were biocide and the lubrative that Gordon left. Ford cranked without starting fluid–HOORAY! Fergie started and drove them both around the pecan orchard and left idling for a while.
  • Updated changes to design options on drawings to send back to designer.


  • DSC_0244We went to north field, this time armed with the chain saw, cut and sprayed tallow and yaupon that still lived after the last spraying in the fence row with the Driskell rent property. Stopped in the fence row to save a little Remedy for tallow in the little creek field. Coincidentally, we stopped where I had run low of Remedy a few years ago and skipped the yaupon. The tallow is gone but the yaupon is very high and wide.
  • Sprayed and cut down tallow in the Creek Field especially under the large oak tree.
  • Cut and sprayed Kudzu in a small area on the east edge of the creek field as well as more vines on the north edge of the field east of the large oak.DSC_0250
  • Mid afternoon, Mike Miller stopped by and told us Ted let him put the three beautiful horses in the north fields. He wanted to be sure that was ok with us. I told him of our efforts killing tallow and yaupon and he said he would finish the fence spraying and take out the tallow along the north fence common with his property. He also volunteered that he will fix the fence that runs across the beaver pond.

Note – Peg and Frank bought their own Ford Tractor and a Ford F150 pickup truck. The professor they sold seven acres west of the blueberries is building a large high house that cannot be seen from ours but can be seen from the north fields.

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