Taking on the Chinese Tallow


CIMG6587.JPGThe initial attack on Chinese Tallow and wild yaupon trees began today with the application of Remedy Ultra herbicide by Dow. I  mixed it with three parts diesel to one part Remedy in a plastic pump-up sprayer.

The application on the larger trees (greater than 1-inch) was at a low pressure in cuts in the bark made with a machete on all sides if I could get to all sides. Usually I could only get to one side so made cuts to the right. left and center. Then sprayed the solution into all of them and wet the bark above and below the cuts.

On the smaller trees I wet the bark on all sides for the area 18 inches or so above the ground. For the real small tallow and yaupons I sprayed the leaves. When we left those where I sprayed the leaves had black leaves. It worked–at least on the leaves.

Will have to wait to see how well it works on the larger plants.

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