Subsoiled the Garden and Old Barn Site


1/21/2019 – Subsoiled (using Ted’s Howes subsoiler) the old barn site and adjacent areas where the red clay from the barn burial was at the surface and grass was not growing well. The subsoiler was going down about 12″ and I went both ways about every 18″. Used a satellite view from Google Earth to locate the area near the barb wire fence that is well west of the old barn location and the burial trenches. When the box blade rippers broke up the sod thei red clay was obvious.

In the garden (just west of the pecan orchard) I could pull the subsoiler faster and so it went deeper; about 14″. Went north-south about every 18″ then across both ends 6-8 times at the same spacing. Still see some hay string but not much.

Before quiting, I crossed-disked the old barn site as the subsoiler left it very rough. It looks like it has been plowed in most places.

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