Stocked the Pond with Blue Gills and Minnows


2/20/2020 – Rainy day in the mid 50’s F. Picked up 500 Coppernose Bluegill fingerlings and 500 Fathead Minnow fingerlings from the Alabama Fish & Pond truck at St. Elmo Feed. The minnows were in one bag and the bluegills in two. Within 30 minutes the bags were resting in the water of the pond so the water temperature in the bags would match the pond.

After about 20 minutes, the bags were opened and turned to let the fingerlings swim out. They disappeared into the muddy water. Peggy and Frank joined Mary on the grass to witness this historic event.

Threw about 3 cups of Sportsmen’s Choice floating Catfish Feed, Fingerling 36% protein, widely out from the release location onto the water. Went in to eat lunch and when returned 30 minutes later there was no floating feed to be found.

Pond water is still cloudy from the clay. Ryegrass is coming up around the edge.

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