Spread Pendulum 2G herbicide for Burweed


10/27/2019 – Spread about 20 lbs. of Pendulum 2G herbicide to stop Burweed from germinating. Spread it with the JD broadcast spreader pulled by the JD lawn tractor over the following areas.

  • a rectangular space in the orchard from the garden to near Pecan No. 2 to the center rows of pecans to a line along the projection of the north garden fence.
  • A wide “path” from the first space to the gates in the 4-board yard fence
  • a rectangular area from the large gate in the 4-board fence, along the fence but around Mary’s garden to the row of pecans next to the house and back to the drive path from the large gate to the barnyard.

The spreader was set on 1.5 and the material is small brown pellets that were hard to see where they were thrown. We may have streaks of Burweed come up.

Next time mix the material with sand, cornmeal or fertilizer.

10/29/2019 – First day of three days of rain. The Pendulum has been “activated”.

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