Spread Out EJW Cabbage & filled in the Mustard


12/3/2019 – The Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage (the first planting, in rows 7 & 8) has done well and is 4″-6″ high and needed to be thinned again. The Early Flat Dutch Cabbage has done very poorly and only 10-20 of the two half rows in row 7 & 8 have come up.

Moved 31 EJW cabbages into the EFD cabbage rows. Watered them in with diluted fish emulsion (gurgle and slug in 2 gallons) then a gentle flow from the hose.

The Tendergreen Mustard in rows 3 & 4 has also done poorly with very few coming up. Moved some of the Tendergreen–that was washed into the hard area between the raised rows–into the gaps in the Tendergreen. Watered the transplants.

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