Sprayed WFZ along Temp Fence, around the garden, and at driveway gate


3/20/2020 – Before the wind started, mixed 6 gallons of Weed Free Zone and sprayed:

  • one pass near Ranger’s hay bale where the burweed was thick and some lived.
  • one pass along the temporary fence on the barn side from the barn to the blueberries;
  • the weedy grass strip on the pond side of the temporary fence in front of the barn and up to the hydrant south of the blueberries;
  • the triangular areas in front of the angled in the area at the driveway gate;
  • one pass across the front yard to hit areas where weeds are still growing, particularly at the septic tank;
  • ran out by the woodshed and around the grain bin.
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