Sprayed WFZ in Orchard & Yard

Orchard Yard

Sprayed WFZ at 2 oz. per gallon using the pull-behind sprayed in the Gator. That would be about 2/3 oz/1000SF that is low but higher than the last time and that time worked ok. Sprayed:

  • Between the east row and center row of pecan trees from the road to one tree away from the Tack Shed.
  • Between the N-S rail fence and about 8 feet east of the west row of pecans north to about the ped gate.
  • Four widths (about 25 feet) swath from 4 feet from the grass edge along the rail fence on the east end and along the Crepe Bed
  • about 18 feet across the west end and from the front door walkway toward the center
  • over the areas that had been leveled with sand

Then the Gator quit and limped back to the barn with about 5 gallons still in the tank. So about 5 gallons were sprayed on the above areas.

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