Sprayed Weed Free Zone on Lawn


2/22/2020 – Used the pull-behind sprayer to spray 19 gallons of 1 oz. of Weed Free Zone + 2 tsp of StickerStopper per gallon on the following:

  • Resprayed the surviving weeds in the front and backyard
    • two swathes around the perimeter
    • the area of the septic tank
    • the round areas of former brown patch
  • Sprayed the citrus and fruit grove including the old pecans and north to the old oak but only under the oaks outer drip line;
  • the side-door yard with the Magnolia Frescati. [This possibly is why the tree lost a lot of leaves and struggled all summer.]
  • two swaths around but away from the old oak’s stump and along the north side well out from the trunk;
  • the backyard from the blueberries to the pecans;
  • from the topped pecans to the rail fence to the woodshed to the north side of the garden;
  • the small area under the east double windows
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