Sprayed GrazonNext on Ranger Field & Burn Pile Field


Spray GrazonNext HL on the areas of the Old Garden, aka Ranger’s Field, and the Burn Pile Field for the first time to control the weeds that are taking over. Did not spray under the pecan trees or oak trees. This is the first time we have applied GrazonNext HL.

The Plan

Pull behind sprayer with new pump now sprays 3/8 gallon per 1000 SF pulled by the JD mower at the marked throttle position. That is 16.3 gallons per acre and will provide good coverage as is more than the 10 gallons per acre cited.

  • Ranger Field not under orchard trees or Hardee’s Pecan Tree = 34,000 SF
  • Burn Pile Field’s grass area minus water area, area under oaks and pecan trees = 17,000 SF)
  • Total = 51,000 SF

(3/8 gallon water + 0.55 oz Grazon) x 69 = 25.8 gallons of water + 38 oz Grazon to spray.

In the 13 gallon pull-behind sprayer mix:

  • 13 gallons of water
  • 13 x 0.55 = 7.1 oz Grazon
  • 0.25% v/v nonionic surfactant i.e. 0.52 oz. or 1 tablespoon.

Installed the sprayer on the Gator and moved the broadcast nozzle to the wand’s longer hose. Mounted it on a 1X4 C-clamped to the tailgate to position it at the same level as it is when on the Sprayer.

The Applications

5/6/2021, 3 pm – Burn-Pile Field

  • The weather was 80° with a 5+ MPH breezes from the north.
  • Sprayed 5.5 gallons on 19,300 SF of the Burn Pile Field and lane north of the barn. Sprayed the densest weeds twice including the briars near the lane fence. This was the first time to spray with the little pull-behind mounted in the Gator.
  • 20.8 KSF x 3/8 gallon per 1000 SF = 7.8 gallons should have been sprayed.

5/7/2021, 8 AM – Ranger Field (Old Garden)

  • The temperature was in the high 60’s and toward the end, a slight breeze came up. The dew was drying up but there was some still on the weeds.
  • Sprayed the remaining 7.5 gallons and mixed an additional 8 gallons and it lasted to the end on 45.7 KSF. Should have sprayed 17 gallons but 15.5. is close enough.
  • Slowed down in the dense high weed areas and sprayed twice the worst weeds that were on the east side mid-field and NE of the round pin.
  • Stayed back 10 feet from the east fence line and did not spray under the pecans except spot sprays of briars.
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