Sprayed Copper Fungicide on: Squash, Cucumbers, Cantaloupes, and Tomatoes


5/5/2020 – When watering and weeding this morning we found black spots on the 1st PEPH peas (Alternaria leaf blight) and white/tan spots and decayed areas on the yellow squash and a few on the Zucchini. Sprayed 1.5 gallons on them with the last of the Bonide and a little Southern Ag Copper based fungicide with spreader sticker.

Also sprayed the Cucumbers, Cantaloupes, and Tomatoes as a preventative.

After complete, I realized I had mixed it as 3-4 Tablespoons per gallon rather than as Teaspoons. Decided to not try to rinse it off.

Need to repeat spray in 7 days.

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