Sprayed Briars & Tallow in Creek Field

Creek, Springs and east slope Pastures

7/21/2021 – Ted’s spraying the fields did a great job but given the style of sprayer there were places that were not sprayed and tallow trees and sweet gums that did not get enough. The following is the plan and what was done.

7/20/2021 Plans to Re-spray Briars in the North Fields

For blackberry and dewberry control in pastures see this aces.com paper. It recommends 2 pints of Remedy Ultra per acre. Converting that to a spot spray rate anticipating 1 gallon of liquid spread over 1,000 SF results in the following.

2 pints per ac = 4 cups per ac = 16 tbsp x 4 cups = 64 tbsp for 43.56 k SF = 1.47 tbsp/1000 SF
So: ~1.5 tbsp/KSF or ~1.5 tbsp/gallon spot-sprayed over 1 KSF = 1/4 cup in 2 gallons of water = 1 cup in 8 gallons of water. The label indicates that level will also kill the remaining Chinese Tallow trees.

Mix with 2,4-D Amine at 1 oz. per gallon, i.e. per 1,000 SF. For 8 gallons of water add 8 ounces of 2,4-D.

Add the non-ionic surfactant at 1 Tbsp per gallon added 8 Tbsp (4 oz.) for the 8 gallons of mix.

7/21/2021 – Mixed 8 gallons in the pull-behind sprayer mounted in the bed of the Gator with the broadcast nozzle C-clamped to the tailgate. Sprayed under the small live oak with many briars and weeds near the lane and then the swaths running N-S that Ted missed. The 8 gallons ran out before spraying the final strip along the creek.

Plan to watch and see how this spraying worked out before doing more.

7/25/2021 – Briars and tallow that were sprayed are clearly damaged and dying.

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