Sprayed Algaecide on Pond’s Edge


5/1/2021 – With no rain for the past 10+ days the pond level is down to halfway on the PVC water supply line. The algae we have treated twice is only along the edges but a few places on the south side have small floating bright green pads forming.

The intent is to start filling it tonight and so sprayed the exposed algae about 3 PM before turning on the water about 5 PM.

From April 29 post: 9.2 oz. (in 2 gallon sprayer) to spray the perimeter 10 ft out.

The algae does not extend out 10 ft. So, to spray 5 ft. out mixed 4.6 oz of Cutrine Plus to spray the perimeter with the 2-gallon sprayer. That would be stronger than the “light” spray as the water depth is only from 0-12″.

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