Sprayed Daylilies for Rust & Frescati for aphids with Dawn Ultra


Following the advice of many, I tried for the first time spraying 1% Dawn Ultra and water.

The 1% mix value came from page 51 of the . The pdf is saved locally. Note they had the best results with this as opposed to a long list of the often recommended fungicides. To 2 gallons of water (256 oz.) added 2.56 oz. of Dawn Ultra.

The mancozeb we have applied to the daylilies the last three times works for about a week and then the rust begins to return. Today I ordered Propiconazole 14.3 that was recommended as the systemic part of what should have been a two-part Rust treatment. I was only doing the contact part and since the Rust lives inside the plant the mancozeb could only kill the spores on the outside.

As the Dawn solution coats the rust spores and aphids they cannot live and so it supposedly will accomplish the same goals as the expensive chemicals.

After spraying all the daylilies there was about a 1/2 gallon left. I sprayed the lower part of the magnolia frescati for aphids.

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