Splitting Green Cabbage Heads & Purple Cabbage


2/28/2019 – This morning Mary found three of the green cabbage heads had split open. We pulled them and found slugs and one snail on the underside of the leaves. Pulled off all the old leaves down to the split head and took them inside.

Sliced open one of the heads and did not find any pests inside–it looks normal. Internet search turned up a good page here that says a split head:

  • happens when the head is very firm and the plant absorbs too much water. We have had rain every day for the last three days.
  • is ok to eat but it will not store as long as one that has not split.

In the afternoon, she decided to harvest the two larger purple heads–on the north end of the bed–that were very firm although there was no leaf damage from slugs and snails like is on the green cabbage. The purple heads were nicely formed and have a great flavor.

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