Sowed Wildflowers at Mary’s Springs & Chased Calf

Creek, Springs and east slope

10/21/2020 – We went to the Springs and watered the little azaleas planted last week. Then we scattered wildflower seeds gathered from our flowers last year. One bag was Beach Sunflowers and the other was a mix of whatever we gathered.

Those bags were spread in the “Bowl” and the west end of the Springs along the tree line.

We then scattered Fall Mix Perineal Wildflower Seeds from American Meadows along the south edge of the woods. Mary dropped some in the dirt spots along the edge of the field—within 50 feet of the tree line.

When near the big oak we found a calf standing there alone as Ted had moved the herd across the road two days ago. The little new-born guy was left behind. Called Ted and he came over. Chased him through the Springs and east across the north field. He went south along the fence until he dove through into the cotton field. Ted went in and the calf came back through the fence.

After coming out of the cotton field and starting to run east, Mary took the Gator on a flying trip across the terrace to cut him off. That turned him back to the lane and soon caught by Ted. His Momma was glad to get him back.

Note: The springs are dry.

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