Sowed Squash, Zucchini, & Cabbage


8/4/2020 – Sowed the following in the east-most three rows in the south half.

  • Eastmost Row – 4′ from the grass lane
    • Santa Ana Butternut squash in the south 30 feet of the eastmost row. 24″ apart and 1/2-1″ deep.
    • Betternut Squash in the north 30 feet of the eastmost row. 24″ apart and 1/2-1″ deep.
  • 2nd Row from the east – 6′ from the first row
    • Pascola Zucchini in the south 20 feet of the second row – 24″ apart and 1/2-1″ deep.
    • 2019’s spaghetti squash in the middle 20 feet – 30″ apart and 1/2-1″ deep.
    • White Scalloped Squash – 24″ apart and 1/2-1″ deep.
  • 3rd Row from the east- Sowed with the HOSS seeder using Plate 1 and set to 1/4″ deep. 5′ feet from the 2nd row.
    • KY Cabbage in the north 30 feet of the second row.
    • Green Magic Brocolli in the south 30 feet

Before hilling, spread along each row 3 pints of 8-8-8 with 1% zinc plus a scant tablespoon of Borax. Hilled over the fertilizer about 4″-5″. The zinc is part of the 8-8-8 bought at AGI-AFC and intended for pecan trees. We will see if we can tell if it makes a difference here.

This method is based on info from IFAS in a paper titled Calculating Recommended Fertilizer Rates for Vegetables Grown in Raised-Beds. The intent is to only fertilize the crop and not the weeds between the crop rows.

The Borax is to provide Boron at 1 lb. per acre and the 1 tablespoon per 100′ row in a small garden in per the July 1019 soil test report.

The first two rows were sown with the PVC drop tube. Mary poked the seeds into the soft soil, covered, and patted down the soil to provide contact with the seeds.

All rows were lightly watered.

At 2 PM this date, the soil temperature in the seed zone was 204-208 degrees. The air temp is 94 degrees. So, the experiment has begun.

At 5 PM watered the three rows to hopefully cool them down enough.

8/5/2020, 8 AM – Soil temperature is the same as the air temperature; i.e. 76 degrees. Soil is still moist from watering yesterday afternoon.

At 2 PM, watered the seed beds as pumpkin/squash row to cool them down.

8/6-7/2020 – Temperatures have been in the low 70s at daybreak and 90-92 in the early afternoon. Watered the seedbeds to cool them down. Soil temp in the seed zone is 98-100. Cooler than the 8/4/2020 likely due to the water evaporating.

Final Fall 2020 Garden Layout as Planted
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