Sowed Spinach & Planted Tomatoes in Mary’s garden


3/15/2021 – Sowed presprouted Bloomsdale Long Standing Spinach seeds & planted Super Sweet tomatoes in Mary’s garden.

The spinach seeds had been soaked overnight, drained, and put into a pint mason jar with the lid on it. The jar was put into the butter tray of the outside refrigerator. The seeds had grown a white root up to 1/2″ long when sowed into dibbles made with the new dibbler. The dibbler was made with 3/4″ dowels set into holes drilled into a 2×4 so they extended out 3/4″ to make a 3/4″ deep seed well. The dowels were spaced 5″ apart. The rows were about 12″ apart. Mary tried to drop one in each hole but most had more than one as they were wet and hard to separate without damaging the little white root. Lightly watered them to help settle the soil. The soil had been watered two days ago so it was not dry.

The tomato seedlings were sowed in the new greenhouse on 1/24/2021—i.e. 7 weeks ago. The soil clung to the root ball well when pulled from the small pot and there were a few roots that had grown along the pot’s wall.

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