Sowed Space Spinach & replanted Emperor Spinach


11/14/2019 – Sowed Space Spinach in the north half of Row 13 in the north half of the garden. Dropped the seeds with the PVC pipe/funnel and raked soil over them. Lightly tamped with the back of the rack times. [It did not come up.]

Re-sowed most of the Emperor Spinach in row 11 planted 11/2/2019 that shows no signs of having germinated.

Soil temperature was 50-51 F.


Cornell University says: Germination temperature: 40 F to 75 F – May fail to germinate in warm soils. Days to emergence: 6 to 10 – About 3 weeks at 50 F. About 5 days at 77 F, but germination drops to about 30 percent.

The soil temp was surely above 77 F so likely that is why the first planting of Emperor did not germinate.


The Space Spinach did not germinate even though the soil temp was ok. Perhaps it did not like the light tamping with the rack.

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