Sowed Soaked Tendergreen Mustard seeds


9/14/2020 – Hours before the wind and rain are to start from Hurricane Sally I sprinkled, 2019 Tendergreen mustard seed in 15 feet of the north end. The seed had been soaked at room temperature overnight. Then put onto a paper plate to dry some to be easier to sow.

They were spread differently than in the past. Used the green round plastic small-seed sower. The slightly damp seeds could be shaken loose inside the green sower to fall into the small slot and down the shoot. Moved the sower back and forth over the ~15″ wide seedbed to hopefully distribute them somewhat evenly.

Once the seed were down, used the garden rake upside down to lightly move the soil around. Compacted the bed with the back wheel of the Chapin Seeder.

9/19/2020 – The row is covered in ½” high seedlings.

NOTE: This was the first time we tried soaking mustard seeds. Germination was much better than last year.

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