Sowed Radishes and Bok Choi


10/24/2020 – About 3:30 PM, after the ½” rain this morning, sowed in the south half:

  • Cherry Belle Radishes in the north 7 feet of Row 4;
  • Icicle Radishes (2019 seed) in the empty 9′ part of Row 5A between the EJW Cabbage and Detroit Red Beets and;
  • Bok Choi (Top Notch seed from St. Elmo F&S) in the north half of Row 6. This is the first planting of this seed.

As the hills had been fertilized for sowings that failed no more was added.

11/1/2020 – All sowings have sprouted. The cooler days and soil made a difference.

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