Sowed Pumpkins and White Scalloped Squash


7/11/2020 – This morning re-disked the area, where the Kentucky Wonder Bush Beans had been, that we disked several weeks ago. Did not use the drag as it would have torn up the adjacent creme peas and other crops next to areas that were also disked.

Raked the three-row width area to plant the vining pumpkins and squash in the center of the second row; i.e. 42″ + 42″/2 = 63″ = 5’3″ from the creme pea row to the center of the hills.

Sowing Parameters

Blue Bayou Pumpkin

  • Planting Depth: 1/2″
  • Short hills 24″ apart
  • about 20′ row

Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin

  • short hills 4′ apart. Vining.
  • 3-5 pumpkin seeds about 1 inch deep in each mound. Thin to 2.
  • about 20′ row

White Scallop Squash

  • 5′ spacing for 5 hills
  • plant 1″ deep
  • about 20′ row
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