Sowed Okra, Peas, and Beans with PnO


3/17/2020 – Spread the 0-0-60 potash bought for the peas and beans between the Fergie tracks. Using the analysis for the corn here, that used 15-0-15 to be spread at 4 pts/60′ row [to apply 120 lbs/ac per the soil test], 0-0-60 is 4 times more concentrated so should only apply 1/4th as much. So, rather than 4 pts/60′ row, for the peas and beans, we only applied one pint of 0-0-60.

Soil test said to add 1 tbsp borax per 100′ row. So, for our 60′ row mix into each pint of 0-0-60 we added roughly 2 tsp of Borax to each pint.

The hiller pulled the soil with rye sod clumps into medium hills. The small middle buster on the “new” cultivator drug a 4″-6″ trench in the middle of the hill. Seeds were then sowed in the bottom of the trench as follows:

  • Row 1 Cajun Jewel Okra seeds saved from last year. I dropped them into the hill-with-deep-trench and pulled dry soil over them to be about 1″ of cover. Watered them in generously.
  • Rows 2-5: Mary and Piper dropped in PEPH seeds 3″-4″ apart. Tom pulled roughly 1″ soil over them and watered them in generously.
  • Row 6 – Mary and Olivia dropped in Kentucky Wonder Bush bean seeds at 3″-4″ apart. Tom pulled soil over them to cover about 1″. Mary and Tom watered them in.
  • Rows 7-8 – Tom sowed them with the red planter using the small pea seed plate then watered them in.
  • Row 9 – Ran out of KWB seeds so this row will be planted later.
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