Sowed MS and TX Creme Peas


5/15/2020 – In Row 10, south half, sowed a double row of Texas Creme Peas and in Row 11 sowed a double row of Mississippi Creme Peas. Sowed with the HOSS seeder with plate 5. Seed depth was about 3/4″. The individual rows are about 12″ apart.

The soil was very dry so we watered the rows well this date and will continue to water them.

We have not had rain in over two weeks–since 4/28/2020. But, the temperature has finally stayed in the low 80s during the day. That is what some say is needed for southern peas and beans to germinate well. Up to last week, we had a very cool April and May with many mornings in the 50’s and only getting up to the low 70’s. Great for our comfort but maybe not for peas and beans.

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