Sowed Lettuce, Mustard, and Spinach


12/15/2019 – This effort was to fill in gaps in rows where nothing germinated and to plant these seeds differently than done before where germination was poor.

Mary and I today sowed the following:

  • In Row 12 where the Rainbow Blend Carrot Seeds failed, tilled around the 8-10 carrots (that are finally coming up and only 1-2″ tall) and sowed Tendergreen mustard to see if it will grow. Only a few plants came up in Rows 3 and 4 planted early in the fall.
  • In Row 11 where Piper and I planted Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce. I sowed the same in the south end of the north half. Some appear to be coming up in the north end so they will have more time to perform.
  • In Row 13 – The Space spinach appears to be coming up finally in the south half of the north half. Only planted Bloomsdale Lettuce in the north half of the north half.

All of the above seeds were covered lightly and none were packed. This was an experiment, especially with the BSS Lettuce. When Piper and I planted it we just sprinkled it on the damp soil. This time the seeds were sprinkled on and lightly raked over with the back of the garden rake.

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