Sowed Lettuce and Carrots


3/13/2020 – Piper and Olivia helped Grandma sow Salad Bowl lettuce and Danvers Carrots in Row 5 (5th row from the east side) in the north half. The seeds had soaked in water for about 24 hours. Soil temp two days ago was 69 F.

The bed was prepared with the same fertilizer, 15-0-15, used under the 5 rows of corn immediately to the east. The north end included the zinc sulfate placed under the corn but that 2.5 gallons only went to midrow from the north end. The remainder was fertilized with just 15-0-15.

Making the hills then opening them for the corn went so well I also did this row by mistake. Went back with the garden rake and leveled the hill to sow these seeds.

Mary and Piper placed the seeds and Olivia patted them down. No soil was placed to cover as the patting down should provide some cover.

In the late afternoon, we sprayed them gently with the hose.

The tractor and truck in the upper right is Paul Ferril building the rail fence along the road in front of the garden.

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