Sowed Peppermint Chard


9/26/2020 – As Hurricane Sally came across the Gulf on 9/13/2020, supposedly headed west of New Orleans, I set up some Peppermint Chard seed to soak overnight. But, Sally kept trending east and eventually came ashore in Baldwin County. The seeds had spent over 24 hours soaking at room temperature but the storm was coming to us. Put them into the refrigerator to delay germination.

After the storm we spent several days cleaning up while the seeds dried out in the refrigerator.

Today, in a leap of faith, added water to them and they soaked again for a couple of hours. Then, sowed them in two empty sections of Row 4.

10/19/2020 – Germination appears to be fine and the seedlings are 1-2″ high.

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