Sowed Hummingbird and Butterfly Flowers in the Little Garden


5/1/2021 – Mary sowed American Meadows Hummingbird and Butterfly Flower Mixture seeds in the north and south end of her garden. The packet said it contains over 100,000 seeds. It did not seem like that many.

Net Wt: 1oz., 65% inert matter as a sowing aid, and over 10,000 flower seeds. The following flowers are included at 5% or less of the mix:

  • Nasturtium,
  • Dame’s Rocket,
  • Chinese Forget-me-Not,
  • Morning Glory,
  • Cosmos,
  • Purple Coneflower,
  • Crimson Clover,
  • Wild Lupine,
  • Red Poppy,
  • Rose Mallow,
  • Baby Snapdragon,
  • Baby’s Breath, (Gyp. elegans),
  • Lemon Mint,
  • Scarlet Sage,
  • Black-Eyed Susan,
  • None-so-Pretty.
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