Sowed First Seeds in the Greenhouse


1/24/2021 – Today Mary sowed tomato seeds in 4″ seed cells filled with potting soil Frank gave us. She sowed 2 seeds in each cell, ¼” deep, of the following varieties.

  • Betterboy, 18 cells
  • Celebrity, 18 cells
  • Super Sweet 100, 12, cells

Frank bought two huge bags of the soil mix from George Dodd Nursery Supply, 251-649-6650, 251-599-6230 on Wards Lane in Semmes. The address is listed as 8325 Wards Ln, Semmes, AL 36575

2/2/2021 – These seeds have seen several cold nights where the temperatures were in the 30°s. We see some Super Sweets sprouts but none of the other two. On this date, we installed a space heater that on that first night the low in the greenhouse was 48° while outside was 27°.

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