Sowed Elbon Rye in South Half as Cover Crop


11/6/2019 – Sowed Elbon Rye in the south half of the garden as a cover crop. The roots are supposed to trap root-knot nematodes and break up the subgrade fairly deep. The grass will improve the organics in the soil.

The area is 1/6th acre including the turn rows. So, to sow at 100 lbs/ac. I need to sow 100/6 = 17 lbs or 1/3rd of the 50 lb bag. Weighted out 20 lbs and spread it with the JD spreader pulled by the JD mower. The setting was on 2 and I had to go over the area about 4 times. The seed looked to be spread fairly evenly.

Disked the seed in with the disk cutting about 2-3″ deep and the 6×6 drag pulling some dirt along and leveling it nicely.

11/11/2019 – The grass is starting to show after only 5 days. The soil was moist but we have had no rain since sowing.

11/13/2019 – The plot has a definite red tint from the evenly distributed grass sprouts standing 2-3″ high.

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